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Useful tips to get the most out of our new website

1.SEARCH BAR: You can utilize the search bar to search for:

  • Brand (ex: Black Label, King’s Barrel, tasty Puff, Devil’s Touch, Whip It, Screaming O, Fantasia, Magnum, Gourmet Innovation.. etc)
  • Size: 6”, 14mm, 32ml… etc.
  • Color: Red, Blue, Silver…etc.
  • Parts of or complete item codes or description (ex: 6mg, triple torch, skull, 420… etc)

2.QUANTITY DISCOUNTS: To see the quantity discounts for an item, click the item’s thumbnail to be taken to the detailed item page. If you’re looking to buy larger quantities, contact your sales rep. for volume discounts.

3.STATUS: You can find our Discontinued\Clearance & Overstock items in their main categories. You can also find all our Discontinued & Overstock items in the top menu.

4.PRICE SLIDER: To see items within a desired price range: In the sub-category view, adjust the price slider located under the categories menu on the left.

5. In Stock quantities are displayed in both the Thumbnail view and Detailed view.


Top left menu (customer needs to be signed in to see):

  • SHOP: All items in 2 levels, main and sub-categories.
  • SALES & HIGHLIGHTS: Our current sales and item highlights
  • MARKETING: Our catalogs, product/brand highlights and current deals
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: Everything you need to know about MWI. You will find our Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Website Tutorials, Payment Documents and more.

Top right menu (user menu):

  • My Cart: Adjust quantities, remove items and review order.
  • My Account: Your account information, Order History & Wishlist

Order History:


Adding items to Cart and Wishlist:

Thumbnail View:


1. Add to Cart: You can adjust quantity in the Detailed View or My Cart (shown in the next section)

2. Go to Details page

3. Add to Wishlist (shown in the next section)

  • For quick shopping, we recommend all desired items to the cart and adjusting quantities in My Cart.
  • For certain items, the website only allows to order multiples of various quantities. For those items, we do not offer single item purchase.

Details view:

1. Quantity shopping: You can adjust quantity in the Detailed View or My Cart (shown below)

Note: Some items have a minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirement. Therefore, the website only allows you to order that quantity.

2. Add to Cart

3. Add to Wishlist (shown below)

My Cart:

Update the cart after each time you remove an item. You can adjust quantities for multiple items and Update the cart to see the updated price.

Submitting an order: After you click Check out, you can review the total and final quantities in your order.

To see your submitted order and/or print it. Go to My Account on the top right and choose order history from the left menu.

Note: Use the Order notes field to add any instructions, payment details or inquiries.


Use the wishlist to add your favorite items for easy purchasing of regular items in the future. Click Add to cart. To adjust quantities, go to My Cart from the top right menu.

4. You can click any slideshow banner on the home page to take you to that product's details or category.